Keeping Up Progress

I’ve been back in my flat for a week and I’m finally unpacked, settled in and ready to get going…but how? My previous attempt didn’t go very well, hence the return home, so what can I do this time to keep my health-related progress going?

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Moving Forward

I’ve got direction, my health is improving and what used to hold me back is in the process of being given the boot. I finally feel like I can move forward without anything holding me back just in time to head back to the flat for a few months and it feels great.

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Learning to Let Go

Recently, something came to my attention. Despite my best efforts to move forward I’m still depressed and holding myself back because I simply can not let go of the fact that I failed university. It’s as if I spent so long clawing my way towards that life-long goal of getting a degree, struggling through school, bullying and bad health that my nails are now stuck so deep I can’t let it go, even though I have a new direction. If I want to move forward with this new, healthy and happy life I need to learn to let go.

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Being Kinder to the World

It feels like there’s less and less kindness in the world these days. Every day we’re bombarded by stories about the worst side of humanity or horrible natural disasters that kill hundreds and if you’re not already numb to it it’s incredibly demoralising. I was on a one-way track towards numbness but before I got there I hit the breaks. In this life we reap what we sow, so I’m going to start sowing kindness.

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Quick Note

It’s been a while since I posted on here and I didn’t want to vanish without a word. Writing this blog was becoming more stress than I wanted. Stress can and does cause my health to play up so until the new year I won’t be publishing anymore posts so I can straighten myself out and get a good sized backlog of posts written. This way I can keep this blog going and also keep my stress levels down while I work on getting better.

I enjoy doing this and I don’t want this blog to die so I’ll see you all in January with fresh ideas and better health.